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Marie Colton Woodard | Woodcolt Cottage Industries

Asheville-based abstract nature photographer and visual artist



We’re excited to feature a local Asheville artist in this week’s featured website.  Marie is a transplant to Asheville by way of Charleston, SC, and her story is unique because she was so pleased with her BeesWax website that her husband David actually signed up for an Etsy account so he could have a website of his own!


Tell us a bit about yourself (name, location, personal stuff).:

Marie Colton Woodard, Fairview, NC...grew up in Asheville, NC... lived in Charleston, SC, for 35 years. Joyfully returned to the cool green Blue Ridge Mountains in 2010. My art work is often described as simply”beautiful,” and  therefore possibly lacking the edgy/political content that some contemporary photographers/artists demonstrate. However, the”beauty” that I capture represents a certain wistful  sadness that I feel for the state of Humankind and the fragility of this Fragile Planet. My fear is that we are killing ourselves and the Earth, either with guns, wars, or greedy disregard for Mother Nature. My work often illustrates timeless natural images which may not even exist in a few  short decades.


What is the first thing you can remember making by hand? How and why did you make it?
Probably one of those pathetic red yarn pot holders that all kindergarteners make for their mothers.


What inspires you? Where do your ideas come from?

Most of my inspiration comes from Nature. Also I would describe myself as”A Colorist”...I adore Colors & Flowers! Additionally, I get  many ideas from looking at other artists’ and crafters’ work, even if it is a completely different medium from mine.


What are your favorite materials?

Paint, glue,  random lost and found bits & pieces...whatever crosses into my headlights.


Any tips for selling handmade stuff?

Talk to Annika @Beeswax!


Apart from creating things, what do you do?

My husband Dave Woodard is a professional musician, and I  sing and play the piano. We never lack for things to do!  We live in a glorious part of this Planet Earth and spend plenty of time enjoying Nature with our very out-doorsy Pekingese and other family members.


Besides Etsy, do you sell anywhere else?​

Fortunately, my art is  in 3 Western North Carolina Galleries: The Red House Gallery (Black Mountain), Tryon Painters and Sculptors (Tryon), K2 Studio (Asheville)


​​W​hat do you love about BeesWax? ​

I jumped for joy when the May 2015 article appeared in Asheville Citizen Times and have been truly amazed by the hands-on involvement from Beeswax. Yesterday I told my sister and daughter that this Beeswax experience has been like having a Webmaster in the Living Room with us!

​​How can BeesWax be improved? Any feature requests?

So far, nothing!

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